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Any organizing job will get done faster and better if you hire a professional rather than trying to slog through it by yourself. And it’ll be more fun, too—skillful help energizes you and makes the task much more enjoyable.

  I offer the following services
  Office Organizing: filing systems, bill paying, office space, corporate policies, etc.
  Time Management: help you set your priorities and manage your schedule
  Consulting: design and set up systems for your business and/or home
  Space Planning and Design: transform your space so it supports all your activities
  Coaching: develop personal and professional strategies to meet your goals
  Moving/Relocation Services: help you pack, manage your move, and unpack
  Staging: prepare your home or property for showing and sale
  Home and Household Management: keep your home running smoothly
  Memorabilia: organize and store your photographs, collections and historical items
  Writing and Speaking: share organizing information and tips with the media and organizations


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